Introducing the newest, most action packed, affordable, competitive and safe form of motorsport  to hit NSW Speedway in years


Who We Are:

NSW Outlaw Karts are the newest dirt motorsport division focused on providing a cost effective and competitive racing option for all ages and skill levels.  Based on the hugely popular American product, NSW Outlaw Karts comprise of 4 divisions - 450cc Outlaw Open Class (16yrs +), Intermediate (12 ʹ 16yrs), Box Stock (8 ʹ 12yrs) and Beginner Box Stock (6 ʹ 8yrs). Not only providing a competitive option for adults, Outlaw Karts provide the perfect foundation for the future stars of motorsport to develop their skills, with superstars like Kyle Larson (NASCAR & World Of Outlaws) cutting their teeth in the Outlaw Kart ranks.  


What͛ is an Outlaw Kart?

Often known as QRC Karts, or Winged Outlaw Karts, these karts utilise a similar common go kart frame but offer the protection of a roll cage, high back racing seat and 5 point harness. The frame and cages of these karts are built to the highest standard using 4130 chromoly steel tubing, meaning these purpose built racing machines are not only built for speed, but also safety. Arguably the greatest appeal comes in the form of the Sprintcar styling including the huge Sprintcar style Top wing, giving youngsters the thrill of winged racing while adults who could only have dreamed previously, can now have the chance to take to the track in a winged racer.



Not another class I hear you say ͙ This is true͊ This isn͛t ͞Another͟ class͕ this is a well proven formula providing racing options to all age levels at an unbelievable, and unrivalled cost. NSW Outlaw Karts is delivering a highly competitive motorsport option for those whom existing speedway divisions and the likes are either out of reach or logistically not possible.    Cast a spotlight on the current available junior divisions for example. Not every family has the option to build, race and repair their own Junior Sedans, and not every family has the budget to run a Junior Formula 500. On the bitumen side of things, not every family has the budget to put a front running kart together either! NSW Outlaw Karts provide an option for Blue and White collar families to compete on the dirt, in a purpose built racing machine, with viable upgrade options to karts as the driver ages. With off the shelf parts available for those without the knowledge and knowhow of building their own, this allows families of all skill levels to come home and work on the race kart together with their children with basic knowledge and basic tools in the average home garage. No expensive race haulers, no expensive and extensive spares packages necessary. So much so, that with early testing on unprepared tracks, using the softest dirt tyre, our test Outlaw Kart has done over 600 laps on a set of tyres!   Catering for children 6 years and up, Outlaw Karts teach children the skills required to race open speedway with lap after lap providing opportunities to hone their skills with slide jobs, running the cushion or developing the throttle control to ͞pedal around the curb͘͟ Outlaw Karts certainly have it all!


So what do they Race on?

Outlaw Karts race on smaller purpose built dirt ovals ranging from the Elbows up bull ring 120m tracks up to a wide open momentum type oval of 350m. Testing has shown that karts benefit from tracks 12 ʹ 14m wide allowing for a racing spectacle second to none. Getting your local speedway club involved with the highly entertaining and fast growing NSW Outlaw Karts is easy. Tracks could be constructed on the infield of established speedways at a very low cost to the club by utilising all existing track machinery. Participants and patrons would then have access to existing amenities. Tracks constructed independently would only require suitable fencing to separate the Karts from Spectators, but this option allows spectators to be closer to the action providing the opportunity for a spectacle and atmosphere second to none. Get a firsthand look at some of America's best Outlaw Kart Tracks, Cycleland Speedway and Millbridge Speedway or search for the Red Bluff Outlaws.




Sounds Great, but why would we as a Club want to invest in building a Track?

Great question! Now with speedway Australia approval Outlaw Karts are gaining momentum and growing fast due to the low setup cost and extremely low running cost. The creation of more tracks will attract even more competitors to the division and can potentially be a huge money earner for clubs with nominations and the racing spectacle potentially bringing more fans through the gates and using amenities.

Tracks on the larger end of the scale can be multi-purpose suiting other divisions such as Formula 500, (think of the fantastic racing spectacle there!), Quarter Midgets and regular go karts as well. Not forgetting our Ϯ and ϯ wheeled friends Solo͛s and Side Cars͘ With these divisions alone͕ it would be more than enough to put on a dedicated ͞Short Track Show͟ for the fans͊

NSW Outlaw Karts have recently become their own identity and are now a speedway Australia approved division


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